Pro Program

The Flow Pro program is now open! If you would like to request access please contact us here or contact your regional Flow rep.

Our Pro program is open to employees of our authorized Dealers, guides, resort employees as well as the military, the outdoor industry and some other specific contexts. If you would like to request access, please contact your regional rep or apply below. Please make sure you supply any required documentation.

How to redeem your code

Step 1

Sign in or create an account on, then return to this page to continue the process. 

Step 2

Now that you are signed into your account, you can redeem your Pro Program code below.

Pro Program Terms & Conditions
Pro Program
Terms & Conditions
- Additional Discounts -

Flow-bindings Pro program discounts cannot be combined with any other offer advertised on including shipping discount promotions.

- Code expiration date -

Programs are annual and run from fall to summer. Codes issued in previous years expire - you may need to reapply annually if your Pro membership doesn't renew automatically. 

- Personal use -

Products purchased through the Flow-bindings Pro program are for your personal use only. Any person found to be attempting to resell or otherwise re-distribute products purchased through the Flow-bindings Pro program will have future access privileges revoked. All Flow-bindings Pro program orders are monitored.

If you have friends or family interested in Flow-bindings product, please refer them to their local Flow-bindings dealer or

- Code limitations -

The code used to activate your Pro account works once, although repeat purchases can be made using that same account. If you get a new email address, please reapply to the program.

- Returns -

New, unused items in the original packaging may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of delivery.

- Warranty -

Products purchased on Flow-bindings Pro program include standard product warranty. Warranty period varies by product category. Warranty period starts on date of product delivery. See complete warranty policy here.