Being based in California, I’m always coming up against different terrains. There’s always something in the Nidecker range for whatever I’m riding, whether it’s booters, burly lines or slushy park laps







Truckee CA - USA

Truckee CA - USA

since 2010

Currently residing in Truckee, California and ripping the slopes around Lake Tahoe, Tim Humphreys originally comes the flat lands of New Jersey and grew up riding the icy slopes of the northeastern United States. Although he competed in the occasional contest as a younger pro, Humphreys is now known as one of the best “selfie” filmers in the business, in the park and the backcountry with his creative outlook on all kinds of terrain and his unique style. He’s also a fantastic human being who thoroughly enjoys life on and off the mountain and goes out of his way to spend time getting to know and ride with the people he meets on his travels. Tim is also a talented skater and dedicated surfer, honing is all-round riding skills every chance he gets.

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